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Rev Victor Jackson Straight Fire: Holy Ghost - The "You" in Youth General Conference 2022 Oct 19, 2022
Rev Myron Wideman, Jr. Mental Health Challenges in Ministry General Conference 2022 Oct 11, 2022
Rev Art Wilson Global Reset or Godly Reset? General Conference 2022 Oct 10, 2022
Rev Darrell Bates Youth Service General Conference 2022 Oct 07, 2022
Rev David Bernard General Superintendent's Service General Conference 2022 Oct 06, 2022
Rev. David Bernard NAME Conference Night 1 NAME Conference Jun 10, 2021
Rev. David Bernard Faith in the Power of God Sunday Evening Service Apr 25, 2021
Rev. David Bernard Filled With The Spirit Because of the Times 2018 Jan 23, 2019
Rev. David Bernard Building God's House Because of the Times 2018 Feb 09, 2018
Rev. Brocc Chavis Every Soul Matters 3rd UPCI Multicultural Summit Oct 13, 2016
Rev. David Bernard Restoring the Apostolic Church Sunday Service Feb 07, 2014

Prayer Requests

We believe prayer works and regardless what your situation may be, prayer can turn everything around. We believe in the power of prayer. Please don't hesitate to let us know how we can pray for you. Confidential prayer requests will also be kept and handled appropriately and will not be shared.